Organised Play and Ambassador programs

Wolsung needs YOU!



Introducing Wolsung Organised Play formula in conjunction with the Ambassador / Embassy Program!


Organised Play


Wolsung SSG organised Play is a yearly campaign consisting of 4 sets of missions, released each quarter. Each quarter set consists of 3 missions. Players will be gathering points in a local ranking when playing mentioned missions, overseen by a local Ambassador. It is impossible to gather points without an Ambassador.


Ambassador 2017


The Wolsung SSG Ambassador / Embassy is a program designed by Micro Art Studio to promote playing Wolsung SSG publicly, introduce more gamers to Wolsung SSG and to support organised events, tournaments and campaigns.


An Ambassador needs an Embassy, and the Embassy needs an Ambassador, the two simply cannot exist without one another.


• An Ambassador is a person who will enthusiastically and reliably organise Wolsung SSG events and campaigns designed by themselves and/or by Micro Art Studio.

• An Embassy is an open place (i.e. a club, an event or a shop) available to any and all players that would be interested in playing Wolsung SSG and participate in events (demonstrations, campaigns and tournaments).


The rules are available here.


Send an e-mail to ambassador@microartstudio.com to apply for the Ambassador Program.



Our friends from Warehouse Games have translated this into the German Botschafter Program.