The Alven Yard is here

The long-awaited 6th faction for Wolsung is here! Queen Titania's laws will be enforced in Lyonesse, and there will be much truncheoning!


What can you expect from the Alven Yard? Definitely tons of red tape! When you compare  the characters to other Clubs, they seem overly powerful - until you factor in the Alven Yard special rules, which are more hinderance than help! Let's go through them quickly so that you can have an image of how the Alven Yard plays:



  • Crime.

There has to be some commited. To ensure that the Queen's law enforcement is not deployed purposelessly, there is always a Crime Scene marker on the battlefield. It is just what is seems - a place where some crime was commited. You don't want to loiter around too much as the many Constables that surely will be milling about, picking evidence and munching doughnuts, will surely want to question you.

  •  Enemy Models are Suspect Models while within 3" of a Crime Scene. Bobbies (a keyword shared by some Alven Yard henchmen) will become agitated and unpleasant while within 6" of a Suspect Model.


  • Use of Force.

There is to be none unwarranted. A gentleman or lady is to have a pleasant day in the world's most marvellous of cities. Or else... 

  •  If there are any Victory Points awarded for killing enemy models, the Alven Yard player will lose this number of Victory Points for doing so instead! There are ways to go around; you are expected to Shackle enemy models instead.


  • The Red Tape.

If any of the Alven Yard Models do happen to kill another Model, they have to write a report. Any policeman worth their boots will try to stay as far away from being forced to do so as possible.

  •  Writing a Report is an Action and has to be done before any Action other than a Move Action.


  • Officers

Being smart and important has the drawback of being expected to act wisely.

  •  Alven Yard Heroes have to spend Evidence Markers to attack enemy models, activate an objective or use shackles.


  • Evidence.

If the law is to be just and fair, one is expected to face a fair trial based on evidence. Anything less is savagery!

  •  If the enemy behaves, the Alven Yard Player will be forced to use their Heroes' time to actively gather evidence near the Crime Scene. If the enemy starts misbehaving  in the vicinity of the Alven Yard Heroes though, the Evidence will be presented to them!



You can find the rules for the Alven Yard faction and its first characters in the link below: